FASTENER 007 Magazine is a professional publication which focuses on expanding global markets in Fastener industry.

FASTENER 007 issues bi-monthly containing many global fastener news and latest information of Taiwanese fastener manufacturers/suppliers. You will see FASTENER 007 booth shows in more than 10 fairs each year and distribute free copies to trade visitors. Also, we mail our magazines to potential buyers in the related industries. We believe that FASTENER 007 Magazine is very efficient in promoting your message in the shortest time.

Our vision and mission, helping advertising customers to expand their overseas markets, have remained the same for over twenty-nine years. Besides having current markets, we are working hard to open up new and potential markets in Central Asia, East Europe, Africa, Middle East and Central/South America. We do our best to maximize your profits from your advertisement.

Advertising tariffs as follows.

FASTENER 007 Magazine is published in English bi-monthly. (on even number month)

Circulation Amount:

10,000 copies bi-monthly including mailing and free distribution at fairs

Circulation Methods:
(1) Distributing to trade visitors at more than ten global fairs a year.
(2) Mailing to related fastener importers, distributors, agents, manufacturers & traders
(3) Offering reference to local buyers in Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce or

Trade Associations
Geographical Coverage:
America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, East Europe, Africa & Central Asia

Fastener 007 Magazine is the most recognized and professional media with detail information, perfect design and huge circulation. It’s the most comprehensive guide to Fastener Manufacturers. Also, it is the best advertising material to develop global markets as well. We do not only publish magazines but also build up our own B2B website. website runs your message worldwide 365 days a year and 24 hours a day!! The Most efficiency media you must have.